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In choosing a Southeastern Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Center for medication assisted treatment, patients will come to realize the unparalleled dedication of our staff and the personalized attention that is placed in generating customized treatment plans for each man and woman who comes to us for care.

Based on the specific treatment needs of patients, the medications recommended and prescribed and the therapeutic services implemented will be hand-selected for each patient in order to help them achieve true and lasting recovery.

Given the fact that our treatment plans are individualized, the cost for care can also vary from patient to patient. The method of payment, the medication prescribed, and the therapeutic services that are part of a man or woman’s treatment plan can all impact the price of treatment. Prior to receiving care, these factors and the total charge for care will be discussed with patients so as to keep patients informed and to avoid any unexpected fees that could cause concern for our patients.

At Southeastern Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers, there are a few policies regarding payment for services that prospective patients should keep in mind:

  • Intake fees need to be submitted at the time of one’s schedule assessment.
  • If patients would like to use their insurance to pay for services, our staff can check and verify insurance benefits.
  • Even if patients are intending to use their insurance, intake fees must be paid upfront and an invoice to one’s insurance company can be submitted for reimbursement at a later date by the patient.
  • Personal checks and phone payments are not accepted.
  • Payment in the forms of a credit card issued in the payee’s name, cash, or money orders are acceptable forms of payment.

To learn more about the cost for treatment at Southeastern Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers, feel free to give our admissions staff a call at your convenience. Our staff can inform you of the types of insurance we accept and more detailed information about our treatment fees. We look forward to hearing from you.