Therapies Provided for Opioid Addiction

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Proudly serving southeastern Pennsylvania, our methadone clinics provide adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates.

Our Therapeutic Treatments

Therapeutic Treatments for Opioid Abuse

To complement the safe and effective medications that we offer in order to help patients overcome their addictions to opioids, Southeastern Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers supply certain therapeutic interventions to those who entrust us with their care. In order to give our patients the best chance of defeating opioid dependency, we believe that it is necessary to help them understand the psychological and emotional causes and contributors that triggered the abuse of opioids in the first place. When individuals only receive care that targets the physical aspects of addiction, there is an increased likelihood that those men and women will relapse and remain in the vicious cycle of addiction. At Southeastern Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers, we strive to arm our patients with both the medication and recovery skills needed to truly relinquish the control opioids once had on their lives.

Our Therapeutic Interventions

Therapeutic Interventions for Opioid Abuse

When an individual turns to the abuse of prescription painkillers or heroin, that person often does so as a way to emotionally run away from some type of psychological distress. In the event turmoil remains present in an individual’s life, the cycle of drug abuse likely continues and can ultimately undermine a person’s efforts to refrain from using substances. Southeastern Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers understands that many, if not all, of our patients have suffered from some sort of emotional bruising that has promoted the abuse of opioids, and we are prepared to help the men and women who seek our treatment heal from their emotional strife and achieve true recovery. The manner in which we assist patients in the healing and recovery process is by offering the following beneficial services:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

Our counselors are experienced in helping those battling opioid addiction and lead the above therapy sessions with compassion and regard for each patient’s recovery journey. The frequency of therapy sessions will be based on the needs of patients so as to make treatment at our centers one that is highly personalized. We whole-heartedly believe that the inclusion of individual and group therapy can further patients’ recovery processes and provide them with invaluable skills and the confidence needed to resume life without heroin or prescription pain medications.

To learn more about the therapeutic interventions we offer, and the other aspects of care available at Southeastern Pennsylvania Comprehensive Treatment Centers, give us a call today. Let our helpful staff guide you towards the drug-free life that is waiting for you.